Annapolis – Moving Pianos and Eating Blue Crabs

Annapolis – Moving Pianos and Eating Blue Crabs

Piano Moving Piano Moving Annapolis

The last two weeks have found us staying mostly in the local area, traveling from Harrisburg, PA, down to Annapolis, MD, then on to D.C. and Northern VA. Alexandria was a popular city for piano moves last week with a total of four. Alexandria is just across the Woodrow Wilson Bridge on 95/495 with lots to see being such an old city, and how it has been shaped over time by close proximity to our nation’s capital.

Another “hotspot” for piano moves last week was Annapolis, MD. We had quite a few jobs in this gorgeous, Chesapeake Bay city that boasts plenty of marinas and Maryland’s famous blue crabs. Annapolis is one of our favorite cities to visit when moving pianos and a great place to stop and eat!

This week Baltimore seemed to be where all the piano moving action is. The majority of our moves this week have been in Baltimore County; from up north in Sparks, all the way down to Curtis bay, we covered the entire county! One of our more notable jobs was a Steinway grand piano move that started in Towson, MD, and arrived in Pikesville. We had to move the grand piano up two narrow flights of stairs, but the job went smoothly. Next we were off to Columbia, MD in Howard County. There is plenty to see there with a beautiful countryside and a variety of piano stores and technicians to do work for.

Next week we will be on the Eastern Shore for a run of several pianos, and as always we will be looking forward to see where else the week will take us!