There & Back Again – A Southern Piano Moving Story

There & Back Again – A Southern Piano Moving Story

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Bob and the crew just returned from our latest piano moving run down south – all the way to sunny Florida. The crew left Sunday morning with a full truck of pianos all bound for delivery throughout the Southeastern US

Our first stop along the piano moving route was Charlottesville, Virginia for the delivery of a vertical piano we picked up in Philadelphia. Leaving Charlottesville, we were headed to Raleigh, North Carolina for two stops – one a console piano delivery from Lancaster and the other a delivery from State College, PA. From there we made a delivery of a baby grand piano to Harrisburg, North Carolina; a small town about an hour and a half southwest of Raleigh. We safely delivered a baby grand we picked up while traveling through Baltimore.

After the Harrisburg piano delivery, we were off to Columbia, South Carolina to drop off a baby grand we have had in our storage facility for almost three years! Our customer was excited to say the least to get her piano back after completing construction of their new home. Columbia is a large city in central South Carolina that spans about five exits on I-26 and takes about an hour to go from one side of the city to the other.

For some reason we had no stops in Georgia during this run, which is very rare. We normally have several stops in Atlanta, GA every piano-delivery run. We did stop in Georgia at exit 3 on I 95 to one of our favorite places to get BBQ for lunch. Turns out it’s also a favorite with the crew of Orange County Choppers on their way to Daytona for bike week!!

We finally arrived in Ormond Beach, FL for our first stop in the beautiful sunny state on Tuesday. We delivered a baby grand from Rockville Maryland. We plan to return to Ormond Beach for a pickup of an antique Steinway grand player piano that was a full restoration of a 1917 model. What a beautiful piano!

The next stop was Orlando to drop off a few furniture pieces to Bob’s Father-in-law.  After leaving Orlando the guys were headed for Clearwater, FL for a delivery and a pickup of two baby grand pianos for Randy’s Wholesale Pianos. Randy has some of the best prices on high quality pianos in the South! You should check it out next time you are in Clearwater. Tell them Bob sent you!

Next up was a delivery of another grand piano to Cape Coral, Florida – a piano we picked up in Annapolis, Maryland. The gulf coast is one of Bob’s favorite part of Florida for its awesome fishing and laid back lifestyle within the surrounding beauty. And speaking of beautiful places, our next stop to Marco Island is the definition of sheer beauty! To our knowledge, this is the only place where “panther” traffic signs can be seen along the roads going through it!

Our Southern-most stop this run was Miami which took us a cross “Alligator Alley” from the Gulf Coast. Throughout this area alligators, snakes, turtles, and other wildlife can be seen from the road. Alligator Alley is on the northern tip of the Everglades National Forest. We delivered a baby grand piano to a very excited mother who had given up her piano to her daughter 17 years ago. Finally she had the piano back home. We then headed for Ft. Lauderdale to pick up a baby grand bound for Washington, D.C. After that we stopped in Palm Beach to get another baby grand that was destined for Potomac, Maryland. Palm Beach is nestled between the beach and intercostal giving a view of water on both sides. It’s white spectacular to see! Once finished there we were off to Orlando for a day of well-deserved rest and recuperation. There we learned the game of pickle ball, a popular local game that resembles tennis with a much larger ball and small solid rackets, and karaoke that evening.

The next morning we were back on the road headed to Daytona Beach to deliver a baby grand we had picked up for a retired couple back in Bel Air, Maryland. Upon leaving Daytona, we headed for Savannah, Georgia for an upright that will go to Philadelphia later this month. Next up was the long drive back North to Reston, Virginia to drop off one of the grand pianos from Florida. We hit Potomac and D.C. before finally returning back to York, PA. Another eventful run south completed! Pianos safe and secure.

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Piano Movin’ Run Down South!

Piano Movin’ Run Down South!

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We just completed our next run, moving pianos down South and left the Bob Haynes Piano Moving office in York PA with 12 pianos on board.  The trip started out by picking up a baby grand piano on the Eastern Shore of Maryland to be delivered to Atlanta, Georgia. We then headed to College Park to pick up another piano headed for Tampa, Florida.  One more pickup in Springfield, VA and we were on our way South!

Our first delivery was in Charlotte, NC which involved a vertical piano going up a flight of stairs. We then travelled to Atlanta to deliver the first piano we picked up from Maryland. Next stop was west coast of Florida to drop off the piano in Tampa and the over to St. Petersburg.  Next up was Sarasota for the delivery of a concert grand.

I always enjoy the next leg of the journey, crossing alligator alley. Yes it’s a bit of a drive but seeing the edge of the Everglades and all the wildlife makes it quite enjoyable. We snapped a photo of an alligator and armadillo while traveling through to our next stop, the Florida Keys!! Wow it sure is a beautiful place to see. We picked up a baby grand (with a flight of stairs) downtown that got delivered to the outer banks. On our way up the coast we had stops in Miami, Daytona Beach, Cocoa Beach, and then on up to South Carolina. After a grand piano delivery in Wilmington North Carolina, we ended our run in Raleigh with an antique upright grand piano that had been in the owner’s family for two generations.

Six days in all and a total of eighteen stops on this piano-movin’ run down South! Overall an enjoyable trip with every customer extremely happy with their deliveries. Looking forward to the next southern piano moving trip that will happen at the end of March into April. Let’s keep ‘em coming!