November Southern Run!

November Southern Run!

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We just completed another southern run that covered about 4300 miles from start to finish. We started by picking up in Yonkers, New York and then on to New Jersey for another pickup, both were grand pianos. We then headed back to our shop in Dallastown, PA where we loaded the remainder of route’s pianos for delivery. We left with 12 pianos on the truck! With 9 more stops ahead of us, and a few more pianos to be picked up, we started our journey to the South again!

First stop, Cary, North Carolina, where we made our first delivery. Not far from Cary, we then delivered a parlor grand piano in Raleigh. Next up was Charlotte for a pickup that would eventually be delivered back North to the Harrisburg, PA area. Then it was off to Greenville, South Carolina for yet another pickup destined for Boynton Beach, Florida later in the trip.

Our first stop the next day took us to Atlanta, Georgia for the safe delivery of a baby grand piano from the Washington D.C. area. We then traveled down the west coast of Florida to Tampa, for an upright piano from a recording studio. Next to Clearwater, Florida, home of Randy’s Wholesale Pianos for the delivery of several more pianos. Randy’s Pianos is a regular stop for us and he has a great selection at wholesale prices, as well as having a great deal of sales. After this we made a delivery in Bradenton, Florida.

After a short rest, we ventured across “Alligator Alley,” to Miami – home of Piano Music Center; a Yamaha dealer and another regular stop on our route. After picking up two more grand pianos there (one going to the Poconos in Pennsylvania, and the other to the Church of Scientology, in New York) we made a delivery to Boynton beach. Our last stop for the evening was Palm Beach, Florida to pick up a Steinway Grand going to Asheville, North Carolina.

After a bit of rest, we then headed for Orlando, Florida for two separate piano deliveries. We stopped in town for the only sit down dinner the whole trip: Sonny’s Barbecue! What a well-deserved break it was! After leaving Orlando, we headed for Atlantic Beach Florida. Another piano off the truck, then finally finished with piano moving in Florida. Next stop: Savannah, Georgia, home to one of the largest Historic Landmark Districts in the United States. There was so much going on in Savannah, with so much to see and do. If only we didn’t have a tight schedule of moving pianos! Summerville, South Carolina was up next for a delivery of a piano we had been storing for about a year from York, Pennsylvania.

After another short rest period we traveled to Fort Bragg in central NC to deliver the piano we picked up in Savannah. Next was the delivery in Asheville, North Carolina, and then Winston Salem for our final stop. Wow, that was a long piano moving adventure! Now back to Shrewsbury, Pennsylvania to take a few days off for recuperating.

Happy 4th from Bob Haynes Piano Moving!

Happy 4th from Bob Haynes Piano Moving!

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Last week was extremely busy for the Bob Haynes Piano Moving Team!   We averaged 14 stops per day, and moved pianos in every direction across the North East.

Monday we were on local piano moves and deliveries in and around York, Harrisburg, Lancaster, and Hanover. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday found us in the Philadelphia area as well as venturing to Delaware and New Jersey. Friday and Saturday took us to Baltimore, Annapolis, Rockville, Silver Spring, Washington, D.C., and Northern Virginia. On Saturday evening we set up a beautiful concert grand piano for a show in Arlington, Virginia. Our professional piano movers returned home on Sunday.  Wow, what a week!

This week has been jam packed full of piano moves in preparation of the 4th of July weekend!  Just like the week before, we have been averaging 13-14 stops per day. We started the week in normal fashion, moving pianos in and around the local area. Tuesday and Wednesday took us to Bel Air, Aberdeen, Baltimore, and the Annapolis area. Thursday was somewhat of a cleanup day with a crew heading north to Scranton, PA as well as moving a piano to Lancaster. They will be ending in the suburbs of Philadelphia, while the other crew ties up some loose ends in Maryland.

Bob Haynes Piano Moving is the best choice for moving your piano wherever it needs to go.  The office will be open for business all weekend but the piano moving crews get the weekend off for some well-deserved rest.

We hope everyone has a safe and relaxing 4th of July weekend!